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Resident of Gatlinburg since 1997. Former GNA President and Secretary/Editor of Gatlinburg Grapevine newsletter. Webmaster for Join me in a conversation for community.

Is there a speeding problem in Gatlinburg?

The residential neighborhood speed limit is 25 mph, but its clear that on Gatlinburg’s main streets, namely Gatlinburg, Dove Haven, and Pigeon Forge, people drive much faster. Have you witnessed this yourself? I sure have since I live on Pigeon Forge. On Gatlinburg Drive the speeding seems more dangerous because it has curves and residents park on both sides of Gatlinburg Drive. People have also told me about near misses on Dove Haven and how they worry about their children getting hit. Continue reading Is there a speeding problem in Gatlinburg?

What I Learned at the July PfCONA Meeting

Only a few citizens attended Monday’s July PfCONA meeting. I’m sure the guests outnumbered the usual neighborhood regulars. However, I hope this communication spreads the important information we heard that night. I will post some recorded video online soon of the speaker’s presentations. Continue reading What I Learned at the July PfCONA Meeting

Summary of June 21 Get Together

I want to thank Cora, Vic, and Barbara for hanging out with me at the Rec Center on Sunday.  It was Cora’s first time to attend a Get Together. She and her husband and children have lived on Gatlinburg Drive for about 5 years. She saw the Get Together notice on the list.

With Vic and Barbara, we had a great conversation about all sorts of topics. My apologies for just summarizing the high points. Continue reading Summary of June 21 Get Together

Rebuilding Gatlinburg Entrance Starts

The temperature was pushing the upper 90’s, maybe even a 100 degrees, at 4 PM when I unloaded my tools on Sunday afternoon at the Gatlinburg entrance sign. Fortunately, there was some shade.

The car hit the northeast corner on June 6 and pushed the broken wall into the middle. Lots of stones were still held together by mortar. The first step was to chip off all of the mortar leaving clean stone so they could be reused. I had brought several 5-gallon buckets, hammers, chisels, and a broom. I got started. Continue reading Rebuilding Gatlinburg Entrance Starts

We deserve an award for our trees!

I just completed my morning walk around Gatlinburg and was struck by the fact that nearly every home has at least two large trees, not to mention bushes and small trees. We have an awesome tree-loving, GREEN, neighborhood. Which makes me wonder if Gatlinburg would qualify as one, if not the first place, neighborhood with the most, and largest, trees in Pflugerville? Continue reading We deserve an award for our trees!

Gatlinburg Entrance Gazebo Hit Again

Once again, after just 1 year and 11 months, the Gatlinburg Street entrance gazebo has been hit by another car. Continue reading Gatlinburg Entrance Gazebo Hit Again

Discuss Project Ideas; Vote on Favorites

web page
web page

Introducing our neighborhood’s web site to discuss and vote up or down GNA ideas:  Write up your own proposal, comment on other’s ideas, and vote your favorites up to the top. Its another way social networking and polling can bring diversity of opinions more into the open.

Here is another way to discuss ideas on the Internet that stimulates a back and forth dialog with elements of voting mixed in. Its pretty simple to use. Just give it a try by proposing a new idea or commenting and voting on others. When people comment on your ideas, you’ll receive an email alert. For more information, see IdeaScale.

Let’s see if we can put our ideas together. Are two heads better than one?

How does Vic’s Garden Grow?

Vic Farrow started his vegetable garden in March, but when I visited him May 17 it was clearly already a winner. Check out my slide show of pictures I took as Vic showed me his cucumbers, cantaloupe, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and much more.

Continue reading How does Vic’s Garden Grow?

Growing a Garden Tour

It occurred to me on a recent walk around our fair neighborhood that a few residents are creating lush and colorful front yards and growing healthy vegetable gardens in their backyards.  I know it takes lots of effort, but I do that too and don’t have much to show for it. They must know the right stuff! I wonder if they would share what they know?

A Garden Tour Project

Imagine what would happen if I or you had an invitation to visit these experts and learn how they do it? Would Gatlinburg homes become more beautiful? Would the property values and the desirability of living in our neighborhood increase? Would recognition for good landscaping encourage more homeowners to do it? I believe it would. Continue reading Growing a Garden Tour

Get Together – Sunday, May 17

We reserved the Pflugerville Rec Center front room for a Get Together from 3 to 5 PM on THIS Sunday, MAY 17th

What is a Get Together?

You know sometimes emails just aren’t enough to get people interested. You need to meet and talk things over person-to-person. We invite you to stop over and say hello and share your thoughts on how to make our neighborhood a better place to live. Its informal. No arm twisting. Everyone is welcome.

We just want to make a difference, get acquainted, and share ideas. We are the Grapevine!!

  • We are taking care of plants at the entrance signs on Gatlinburg and Dove Haven.
  • We helped collect stuff for the April City-wide Clean-up.
  • We have contacted City code enforcement about broken fences and trailers parked on grass.
  • We share information about City, County, and State programs.
  • We volunteer to lend a hand to neighbors.
  • We have an email list. To join, send an email to

We invite you to join our network and Get Together.