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Is there a speeding problem in Gatlinburg?

The residential neighborhood speed limit is 25 mph, but its clear that on Gatlinburg’s main streets, namely Gatlinburg, Dove Haven, and Pigeon Forge, people drive much faster. Have you witnessed this yourself? I sure have since I live on Pigeon Forge. On Gatlinburg Drive the speeding seems more dangerous because it has curves and residents park on both sides of Gatlinburg Drive. People have also told me about near misses on Dove Haven and how they worry about their children getting hit. Continue reading Is there a speeding problem in Gatlinburg?

Gatlinburg Get Together – January 2009

Eighteen Gatlinburg neighbors met for several hours of friendly conversation January 18 at the Pflugerville Recreation Center. They learned that a “Gatlinburg Get Together” was simply an opportunity to share concerns and build neighborly cooperation.

Diversity was a key characteristic of participants. They lived on different Gatlinburg streets in different parts of the neighborhood. Several had been residents for over twenty years while one couple had just bought their home three months ago! Most had not met before and came out of curiosity and a desire to get better acquainted. Continue reading Gatlinburg Get Together – January 2009