Summary of June 21 Get Together

I want to thank Cora, Vic, and Barbara for hanging out with me at the Rec Center on Sunday.  It was Cora’s first time to attend a Get Together. She and her husband and children have lived on Gatlinburg Drive for about 5 years. She saw the Get Together notice on the list.

With Vic and Barbara, we had a great conversation about all sorts of topics. My apologies for just summarizing the high points.

  • Cora used to work at Home Depot and recommends going to their garden department and asking for broken bags of mulch or dirt. Often they will sell them to you at half-price, especially after bad weather gets everything wet.
  • We have some great garage sales in Gatlinburg and it pays (saves $$) to get out and walk on Saturday morning!
  • If you are bothered by your neighbor’s noisy dog continuous barking, you should talk to them but don’t let it poison your feelings about living in Gatlinburg. We heard a story about someone who moved away to escape a noisy dog and their owner. Try to get help to mediate and find solutions. Calling the Pflugerville Police makes your complaint “official” and they will explain the City ordinances to you and your neighbor.
  • Gilliland Creek water looks clean, but it still has high counts of bacteria so kids or pets shouldn’t play in there.
  • Clay requested somebody from Gatlinburg attend the July 9 city comprehensive plan meeting at 6 PM at Pfluger Hall. You can watch video from the June 11 meeting at
  • Cora suggested a holiday cookie exchange in December. It was lots of fun and she met neighbors that way. What do you think?
  • We discussed car vandalism and requesting more crime info about Gatlinburg. Always investigate noise outside your house at night and call Police. Always lock cars, remove valuables from sight, and put cars in the garage if at all possible. Breaking into a car and stealing items takes less than two minutes.
  • We discussed the sign. An insurance claim with The Hartford company is in the works says Clay who bought the police report to find out the driver’s information. Stone work bids are needed.