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2017 NNO Party October 3

This year’s Gatlinburg NNO party will be Tuesday, October 3, 2017, 6 to 8 pm, at 807 Pigeon Forge Road, in the cul-de-sac as in previous years. Evblock watch logoeryone is invited to come. An invitation flyer was distributed to every home on Pigeon Forge from 1200 to Dove Haven. Four yard signs were placed on Pigeon Forge and one at the Dove Haven entrance. Pflugerville police and city officials often stop by to say hello and chat. There will be about 120 NNO block parties throughout Pflugerville, if it matches 2016’s participation rate. Continue reading 2017 NNO Party October 3

Join Us for NNO on October 4, 2016

national night out

Mark your calendar for the NNO party in Gatlinburg at Lynn Cove (807 Pigeon Forge) on Tuesday, October 4, 6 to 8 pm.

Food and drink. Bring a chair. Say hello!
Greet Police, Fire, and City officials.

Join our Block Watch to prevent crime in Gatlinburg.

block watch logo

NNO Party – Oct. 6, 2015

Once again neighbors on Pigeon Forge Drive and other Gatlinburg streets will celebrate National Night Out. Nothing fancy here: just residents meeting and learning how to prevent crime. This is the 4th year the block party has been co-hosted by Jollie Williams and Clay Leben.

Continue reading NNO Party – Oct. 6, 2015

NNO Block Party 2014

Get In The Picture

NNO 2014 Gatlinburg Flyer

Join us for this year’s group photo at Gatlinburg’s National Night Out Party, 6 to 8 pm, Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 807 Pigeon Forge. Come meet your neighbors and visit with Police and City officials. Keep reading to learn all the ways you can prevent theft.

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2013 NNO party a success on Pigeon Forge

We shared stories and gabbed about the weather and gardens. But we also exchanged serious information about home improvements that stop burglars. We encouraged each other to be vigilant watching for suspicious activity, maybe a crime in progress, at our neighbor’s house. We enjoyed hearing the crime prevention advice we learned from several police officers who visited. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to make this NNO possible.


NNO photo 2
Pigeon Forge Neighbors
NNO photo 3
Pigeon Forge Neighbors
NNO 2013 Photo 1
Pigeon Forge Neighbors

New for 2013 in Gatlinburg

We’re starting Block Watch in Gatlinburg:

7 pm, Wednesday, April 24 at
1207 Pigeon Forge (4th house from Immanuel).

Police Officer Griffith will explain what neighbors can do to prevent crimes by forming a street Block Watch.

We would like to start a group on every street. So far we have participants from Dove Haven and 1200 – 1300’s block of Pigeon Forge.

How about your street? Join Us!

RSVP requested since space is limited send email to cleben (at) gmail (dot) com.

Officer Griffith
Officer Griffith, Pflugerville Police, Block Watch trainer

You say your street light is out!

I usually walk in the morning, but after dinner I decided I should walk off some calories! It was already near 9 PM and completely dark, but I said to myself, “Let’s get her done!” Continue reading You say your street light is out!

School board candidates speak at PfCONA forum

Place 3 PISD Board Candidate

I recorded speeches by three PISD school board Place 3 candidates (L to R) Chester Hoster, Mario M. Acosta, and Rob Reyes as well as their answers to questions from Pflugerville residents at the April 12, 2010 PfCONA Political Forum.  Candidate Virginia German was also invited but did not attend the forum. Continue reading School board candidates speak at PfCONA forum

Candidate Bill White speaks at PfCONA forum

Bill White
Bill White

I recorded Democratic Candidate for Governor Bill White‘s speech and answers to questions from Pflugerville residents at the April 12, 2010 PfCONA Political Forum. Duration 44:30.  All the candidate speeches are also available HERE. Continue reading Candidate Bill White speaks at PfCONA forum