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Stories from the neighborhood

2013 NNO party a success on Pigeon Forge

We shared stories and gabbed about the weather and gardens. But we also exchanged serious information about home improvements that stop burglars. We encouraged each other to be vigilant watching for suspicious activity, maybe a crime in progress, at our neighbor’s house. We enjoyed hearing the crime prevention advice we learned from several police officers who visited. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to make this NNO possible.


NNO photo 2
Pigeon Forge Neighbors
NNO photo 3
Pigeon Forge Neighbors
NNO 2013 Photo 1
Pigeon Forge Neighbors

New for 2013 in Gatlinburg

We’re starting Block Watch in Gatlinburg:

7 pm, Wednesday, April 24 at
1207 Pigeon Forge (4th house from Immanuel).

Police Officer Griffith will explain what neighbors can do to prevent crimes by forming a street Block Watch.

We would like to start a group on every street. So far we have participants from Dove Haven and 1200 – 1300’s block of Pigeon Forge.

How about your street? Join Us!

RSVP requested since space is limited send email to cleben (at) gmail (dot) com.

Officer Griffith
Officer Griffith, Pflugerville Police, Block Watch trainer

Tracking Crime in Our Neighborhood

You may not hear about a crime unless a neighbor tells you. Otherwise you might think Gatlinburg doesn’t have a crime problem. BUT WE DO!

The Gatlinburg subdivision has nearly 500 households and police are called to investigate crimes every week. I know this because I get a daily email summary with a list and a map of Pflugerville.

crime listing
Note the Gatlinburg streets.





Pflugerville area crime reports
Blue Icon Marks Gatlinburg

 Would you like to see a crime report map for Pflugerville? Visit

What I like are the map icons for the type of crime showing about where it happened.  Icons like “theft,” “arrest,” “vandelism,” and “burglary” to name a few. However, one of the most common reports is the “other” type which doesn’t tell us much.

map icons for crime type
Web site map icons.

Actual street addresses are hidden so if you click on the map icon, you will only see Google’s street view near, but not at the crime’s address.

Enter your email address and  will send you daily updates with ads or product endorsements. Since its free to get this information the ads are minor inconvenience.

Neighborhood Watch

What can you do to prevent being a crime victim? Of course, you could install a burglar alarm or other devices, but why not join with your neighbors to form a Block Watch? A block watch group organizes to be alert for suspicious activity on the street by people not familiar to the neighborhood. Neighbors also meet several time a year to learn crime prevention methods from the police or educational material. Individuals can volunteer to join Citizens On Patrol and receive advanced safety training.

The Pflugerville Police Department will help you start your Block Watch. Phone Community Services Cpl. Dan Griffith at 670-5514 or email dgriffith [at]

Neighborhood Watch
The Neighborhood Watch Sign


Two Pigeon Forge homes consumed by fire!

We want to express our deepest sympathy to the two families at 613 and 611 Pigeon Forge who lost everything in the home fires Sunday. Fortunately everyone and pets are safe, but please offer your help to the Cruiz and Menke families during the coming weeks as they face the daunting task of starting over. These families have been our Gatlinburg neighbors for more than 20 years.

In the beginning 9 houses along that part of Pigeon Forge were in danger from the flames and evacuated by Police. The 911 alarm was sounded by neighbors across the street because the homeowners at 613 and 611 and 703 were ALL not home. The wind-whipped fire went across the fields to the east and burned more homes at Boulder Ridge. If the wind had been blowing differently more Gatlinburg homes might have burned.  Awesome fire crews saved the day. There, but for fortune, go us all. Continue reading Two Pigeon Forge homes consumed by fire!

Save money with City’s toilet voucher program

The City of Pflugerville this week announced a high-efficiency toilet voucher program. Continue reading Save money with City’s toilet voucher program

Six tips to follow when hiring a contractor

Not too long ago I was at the Pflugerville Post Office, waiting in line, when I struck up a conversation with a gentleman. Our conversation turned naturally toward occupations and he told me he owned a roofing business. That led to us to talk about many things, but in particular the importance of referrals and business reputation.

AARP Magazine (Jan/Feb 2011, p.24) suggests the BBB’s rating system isn’t a fair way to find reliable contractors. Continue reading Six tips to follow when hiring a contractor

You say your street light is out!

I usually walk in the morning, but after dinner I decided I should walk off some calories! It was already near 9 PM and completely dark, but I said to myself, “Let’s get her done!” Continue reading You say your street light is out!

Parks 2030 Plan ready for your input now

I’ve been reading the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan for 2030. You can read it too by clicking here (This will open up all 108 plan pages so give it some time.) You can also go to Continue reading Parks 2030 Plan ready for your input now

Pflugerville Census 2010 return rate worse than 2000

I should have posted a link to this February 8th PfCONA video presentation on Census 2010 here earlier (see it below.) A link was put on the PfCONA and City of Pflugerville web sites. I just forgot about it. Continue reading Pflugerville Census 2010 return rate worse than 2000

Walk Our Neighborhood

Gatlinburg Is Great for Walking

Its time to get moving! We are lucky to have nice residential streets without much traffic, lots of trees for shade, and gentle hills. See how you can walk 2 miles in Gatlnburg on this map. Continue reading Walk Our Neighborhood