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Lets Get Started on 2011

This is my first post for 2011. My apologies for not writing more often at the close of 2010. I promise to to keep working on this site.

I declare that I and all of us did our best in 2010, its complete, and we got what we got. Continue reading Lets Get Started on 2011

Walk Our Neighborhood

Gatlinburg Is Great for Walking

Its time to get moving! We are lucky to have nice residential streets without much traffic, lots of trees for shade, and gentle hills. See how you can walk 2 miles in Gatlnburg on this map. Continue reading Walk Our Neighborhood

Summary of June 21 Get Together

I want to thank Cora, Vic, and Barbara for hanging out with me at the Rec Center on Sunday.  It was Cora’s first time to attend a Get Together. She and her husband and children have lived on Gatlinburg Drive for about 5 years. She saw the Get Together notice on the gna@yahoogroups.com list.

With Vic and Barbara, we had a great conversation about all sorts of topics. My apologies for just summarizing the high points. Continue reading Summary of June 21 Get Together

Growing a Garden Tour

It occurred to me on a recent walk around our fair neighborhood that a few residents are creating lush and colorful front yards and growing healthy vegetable gardens in their backyards.  I know it takes lots of effort, but I do that too and don’t have much to show for it. They must know the right stuff! I wonder if they would share what they know?

A Garden Tour Project

Imagine what would happen if I or you had an invitation to visit these experts and learn how they do it? Would Gatlinburg homes become more beautiful? Would the property values and the desirability of living in our neighborhood increase? Would recognition for good landscaping encourage more homeowners to do it? I believe it would. Continue reading Growing a Garden Tour

Gatlinburg Get Together – January 2009

Eighteen Gatlinburg neighbors met for several hours of friendly conversation January 18 at the Pflugerville Recreation Center. They learned that a “Gatlinburg Get Together” was simply an opportunity to share concerns and build neighborly cooperation.

Diversity was a key characteristic of participants. They lived on different Gatlinburg streets in different parts of the neighborhood. Several had been residents for over twenty years while one couple had just bought their home three months ago! Most had not met before and came out of curiosity and a desire to get better acquainted. Continue reading Gatlinburg Get Together – January 2009