About Us

The Gatlinburg Neighborhood Association (GNA) is an unincorporated, volunteer group and not a mandatory homeowners association. Since 1988 GNA has organized periodic social. educational, and work projects. We invite all residents to participate and support GNA.


  • To improve the reputation of Gatlinburg neighborhood as a wonderful place to own a home where residents can live peacefully and safely.
  • To organize residents to work together on projects that provide mutual benefits such as social activities, land and home improvements, public safety, consumer protections, and healthy well-being.
  • To serve as a communication channel for residents with the City of Pflugerville government, schools, and other social organizations.

Your Input is Needed

This web site serves readers living in the Gatlinburg subdivision of Pflugerville, Texas.  The web site managers encourage residents to register so they can submit comments on posts. We invite persons with special expertise  to write longer posts for publication.  Readers from other Pflugerville neighborhoods are also encouraged to share information.


Gatlinburg Getting Together