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Stories from the neighborhood

What to do about junk cars, tall grass, broken fences?

Call Pflugerville Code Enforcement 670-5720

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • Can you complain about uncut, tall grass over 8 inches?
  • Are you allowed to keep non-running cars in your driveway?
  • Do broken or leaning privacy fences have to be repaired?
  • How many days will you have to correct the code violation before a fine?

Watch this video about  Code Enforcement to learn the answers. Continue reading What to do about junk cars, tall grass, broken fences?

Is there a speeding problem in Gatlinburg?

The residential neighborhood speed limit is 25 mph, but its clear that on Gatlinburg’s main streets, namely Gatlinburg, Dove Haven, and Pigeon Forge, people drive much faster. Have you witnessed this yourself? I sure have since I live on Pigeon Forge. On Gatlinburg Drive the speeding seems more dangerous because it has curves and residents park on both sides of Gatlinburg Drive. People have also told me about near misses on Dove Haven and how they worry about their children getting hit. Continue reading Is there a speeding problem in Gatlinburg?

Rebuilding Gatlinburg Entrance Starts

The temperature was pushing the upper 90’s, maybe even a 100 degrees, at 4 PM when I unloaded my tools on Sunday afternoon at the Gatlinburg entrance sign. Fortunately, there was some shade.

The car hit the northeast corner on June 6 and pushed the broken wall into the middle. Lots of stones were still held together by mortar. The first step was to chip off all of the mortar leaving clean stone so they could be reused. I had brought several 5-gallon buckets, hammers, chisels, and a broom. I got started. Continue reading Rebuilding Gatlinburg Entrance Starts

We deserve an award for our trees!

I just completed my morning walk around Gatlinburg and was struck by the fact that nearly every home has at least two large trees, not to mention bushes and small trees. We have an awesome tree-loving, GREEN, neighborhood. Which makes me wonder if Gatlinburg would qualify as one, if not the first place, neighborhood with the most, and largest, trees in Pflugerville? Continue reading We deserve an award for our trees!

Gatlinburg Entrance Gazebo Hit Again

Once again, after just 1 year and 11 months, the Gatlinburg Street entrance gazebo has been hit by another car. Continue reading Gatlinburg Entrance Gazebo Hit Again

How does Vic’s Garden Grow?

Vic Farrow started his vegetable garden in March, but when I visited him May 17 it was clearly already a winner. Check out my slide show of pictures I took as Vic showed me his cucumbers, cantaloupe, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and much more.

Continue reading How does Vic’s Garden Grow?

Growing a Garden Tour

It occurred to me on a recent walk around our fair neighborhood that a few residents are creating lush and colorful front yards and growing healthy vegetable gardens in their backyards.  I know it takes lots of effort, but I do that too and don’t have much to show for it. They must know the right stuff! I wonder if they would share what they know?

A Garden Tour Project

Imagine what would happen if I or you had an invitation to visit these experts and learn how they do it? Would Gatlinburg homes become more beautiful? Would the property values and the desirability of living in our neighborhood increase? Would recognition for good landscaping encourage more homeowners to do it? I believe it would. Continue reading Growing a Garden Tour

Gatlinburg Collects Junk for City-wide Cleanup

The March 28 Saturday morning temperature was in the thirty’s, but at least the sun was coming up. The three of us, David Moore, Vic Farrow, and myself were in good spirits as we pulled stuff out of my garage onto a flat-bed trailer. The activity was helping us get warm. Vic and David  had already loaded the borrowed trailer Friday night with seven doors, a TV Set, fence pickets, scrap wood, and a twin mattress from another Gatlinburg resident. Out of my garage we loaded even more scrap wood, metal pipe, several half-empty gallons of latex paint, a door, a wood palette, and an armful of curtain rods. I was so glad to be getting rid of this stuff!

The occasion was Pflugerville’s twice-yearly City-wide Cleanup Day when citizens are  invited to bring their junk, especially large items like tires, broken furniture, and metal or recyclables like electronics, batteries, and paint to a central location across from Brookhollow Elementary on Railroad Avenue. Continue reading Gatlinburg Collects Junk for City-wide Cleanup

New Community Gardens Opening

[From the City Secretary’s Weekly Keys to the City email and copied here]
The City of Pflugerville welcomes you to the grand opening of its first community gardens on Saturday, March 21, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. The Pecan Street Community Gardens is located next to the baseball fields in North East Metro Park (2703 East Pecan Street).

At the grand opening event, attendees can learn more about community gardening, pick up a garden plot application, meet City staff who are knowledgeable on the project, and participate in hands-on activities, including a fruit tree planting around the community gardens. Continue reading New Community Gardens Opening