You say your street light is out!

I usually walk in the morning, but after dinner I decided I should walk off some calories! It was already near 9 PM and completely dark, but I said to myself, “Let’s get her done!”

Let There be Light!

As I walked and jogged in the cool night air along the dark streets, I started appreciating Gatlinburg’s many street lights. But, we do have some dark areas because our trees block the street lights. Then I noticed garage security lights popping on because many home owners have installed motion detection lights. I think this is really neat and hope that all home owners would install such security lights. These lights save electricity too because they detect motion and come on for five minutes then go off. Many models also have a sensor so they come on automatically at night time and turn off in the morning.

My Street Lights Out. Why isn’t it fixed?

The short answer is: no one has reported it yet to Oncor, Pflugerville area electric utility manager. According to theirĀ  web page they will replace bulbs in 5 to 15 days or less after reported to them. So be a responsible GNA friend and call 1-888-313-4747 to report it.

Or, you can fill in a web form and mark the broken street light on their website street map showing all Gatlinburg neighborhood street lights. If you fill in your email address, they promise to alert you when the light is fixed. This is what I did when I saw the street light at Sylvia and Pigeon Forge was dark.

What could be simpler? What are your home improvement ideas for making your home safer with lighting?

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