Parks 2030 Plan ready for your input now

I’ve been reading the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan for 2030. You can read it too by clicking here (This will open up all 108 plan pages so give it some time.) You can also go to

Starting on page 93 you will find the priorities for putting the plan into action. One of the near-term priorities is to expand the existing Rec Center that is next to our neighborhood. On page 96 you will also see that other worthy projects have also been proposed in the same 5-year near-term including a new Senior Citizen Center and an all-new Recreation Center that probably won’t be near us.

Remember that the “squeeky wheel gets the grease” and priority expansion of the Rec Center could easily be overshadowed by larger/louder numbers of people who want other facilities close to them. Its time for Gatlinburg residents to get out and support park priorities that will be close and enhance our neighborhood!!

Of course, its not only Gatlinburg! We also should urge Bohls Place and Cambridge Estates residents to add their voices.

You can show your support by attending hearings on July 12 at the P & Z Commission and July 15 at the Parks & Rec Board meetings. You could also write email to friends and Twitter and Facebook messages about this.

If this seems like a good idea to you, I welcome the conversation.

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