Save money with City’s toilet voucher program

The City of Pflugerville this week announced a high-efficiency toilet voucher program.

2011 toilet voucher application

From February 15 – April 1, Pflugerville utility customers with homes built prior to 1996 may apply for two new, free, high-performance toilets. Through the voucher program, utility customers may receive vouchers for up to two new generation EPA WaterSense ® 1.28 gallon per flush toilets.

Vouchers are distributed by the City of Pflugerville on a first come, first served basis at the utility office at City Hall .  This program is paid for by the LCRA. Vouchers expire May 1, 2011. For full details regarding eligibility, call 512-990-6100.

The voucher program is limited to all utility customers and residents in the Pflugerville city limits that are also water users from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).

Just a couple of months ago I bought a new, high-efficiency American Standard toilet with a two-stage flush. One button is a quick flush for liquids while the second button flushes the entire 1.6 gallon tank. Its much quieter and fills quicker than my old standard toilet. For under $30, I also retrofitted my other original 5-gallon toilet with a dual-flush HydroRight converter and fill valve invented by MJSI Inc. that I think Home Depot sells. It took me under 30 minutes to make the switch.

Now, with the City’s just announced new-toilet voucher program we have no more excuses for not getting rid of our circa-1980-1984, water-guzzling standard flush toilets in our Gatlinburg neighborhood homes!

What do you think? Have you already changed out your original toilets for a better, high efficiencty toilet.

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  1. I purchased two American Standard toilets with the WaterSense flushing technology and I have saved over $200 a year in water bills! I was shocked! I completely suggest that everyone switches out there ancient commodes and upgrades. It's well worth it!

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