Lets Get Started on 2011

This is my first post for 2011. My apologies for not writing more often at the close of 2010. I promise to to keep working on this site.

I declare that I and all of us did our best in 2010, its complete, and we got what we got.

Keep on Truckin' cartoon
Hippie Optimism

Hello 2011!

What can Gatlinburg Friends create in the empty space of this new year? Just imagine that we could do ANYTHING we choose to do individually AND together.  Just think of the possibilities of making a difference right here in our neighborhood of 495 families living on 17 streets right here where we live.

Onward Thru The Fog!

So how will 2011 be for you? What are you going to create? Please share your thoughts with all of us below as a comment.

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