City needs to hear from you!

Gatlinburg is well served by trails, open areas, and the Rec Center.  Could this be even better in 20 years? Study the Vision2030 map with the types of preferred use and sites for possible City facilities related to Gatlinburg.

Pflugerville 2030
Pflugerville 2030

Your input requested on Parks and Open Space Master Plan.

Don’t forget the Open Forums to discuss the 2030 Parks and Open Space plan at the Pflugerville Justice Center, 1611 Pfennig Lane, from 7 pm to 8:30 pm on October 19 and 20. Provide additional feedback by taking our online survey at Pflugerville <>. The first 100 guests each night will receive a FREE seedling for participating!

There are 20 or so questions but it goes fast. The write-in options let you say what you think. Completing this survey was good exercise in making choices and setting priorities.

I hope you’ll represent our neighborhood.

P.S. Books At the Pflugerville Library

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